If We Were at Happy Hour

If We Were at Happy Hour…

One of my favorite bloggers, Jamie from The Perpetual Page Turner, has a great feature called “If We Were Having Coffee” that gives you more insight into the life “behind the blogger”. I always love reading her posts and thought I would give it a try!


So cozy up with your favorite beverage, and let’s pretend we’re having a real coffee date and get to know each other a little better! I’ve got a rum and coke because I just got home from work…so maybe this post should be more like ‘if we were at happy hour’?! That sounds great. Give me all the chips and queso, please.


If we were at happy hour… I would tell you that I’m currently reading THE SECRET HISTORY OF US by Jessi Kirby. I absolutely loved one of her earlier books, GOLDEN, and then didn’t like her next book quite as much so I’m hoping this one is another win!

If we were at happy hour… I would tell you about how I’m so glad to have finally defeated a months-long reading and blogging slump. I hardly read anything all summer, which is super unusual because summery books are my absolute favorite but for some reason this summer I just had a really hard time getting into anything. Since the beginning of October I’ve finished 8 books vs. 20 between January and September! I would ask you what you’ve been reading lately that you haven’t been able to put down.

If we were at happy hour… I would tell you that I’ve been really struggling in the friend department since I moved to Texas 2.5 years ago. Prior to that, I had always had a really close circle of a few friends and then a bigger group of acquaintances that I saw all on a really regular basis. I’ve been trying to be more intentional about setting aside time for the friends I do have here (they’re all girls from work) and not neglecting the friendships, but I have yet to find that best friend that I would love to have! I joined a book club last week and have been trying to be the one to reach out to other people I know that I could see myself being friends with, so hopefully I’m able to make some closer friendships in the next few months. I would ask you if you have any tips on making friends in the adult-world!

If we were at happy hour… I would tell you all about my wedding! I’m hoping to do a full blog post about this at some point but haven’t really talked about it on here yet. We eloped on September 3rd in a secret ceremony in Missouri. We had planned it for about 7 months prior but wanted to keep it just between us. It was SO hard not to accidentally say something about it to family members but we did it! Luckily everyone was really happy for us and we had a big celebration with everyone a few weeks ago. Married life has been such a joy so far and we’re really happy.

DSC_1025If we were at happy hour… I would tell you how excited I am for our honeymoon to Belize in a few weeks! I’ve been planning this trip for what feels like FOREVER and I am sooo excited it’s finally here. We’re going the week of Thanksgiving and will be staying at a gorgeous ocean-front resort. I’ve never done anything like that before or even been out of the country. I’ve been wanting to go to Belize ever since I read WANDERLOVE back in like 2011. I would ask you where your dream travel destination is!


So, let’s chat! You can answer any of the questions above or ask your own or just talk about anything you want! I really do want to get to know you better, so just pretend that we’re sitting at the bar with a big margarita and some yummy appetizers! Cheers!

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