Game of Thrones Reading Challenge

When Season 6 of HBO’s version of Game of Thrones premiered this spring, I had never seen an episode and didn’t know much about it other than dragons + sword-fighting + something called a khaleesi.


My boyfriend loves the show and convinced me to binge-watch the whole series to catch up before season 6 started, and I’m so glad I did! We watched 5 seasons in two weeks then watched season 6 as it aired weekly.

Now that the show is done  until next April *cries*, I’ve challenged myself to read all the books by the end of the year! I super intimidated to start the series — they’re long fantasy books with tons of different viewpoints and that’s not my style at all.

There are currently five published books, and six months left in the year, which gives me a little over a month to read each book. I can’t believe the first book, A Game of Thrones, was first published in 1996. If I were an original, OG fan…I would be going CRAZY having to wait so long to see what happens… especially since for most of that time, there was no TV series to feed the obsession.

My tentative reading schedule is as follows:

July: A Game of Thrones
August: A Clash of Kings
September: A Storm of Swords
October: A Feast for Crows
November: A Dance with Dragons

I’ll post an update after finishing each book with my thoughts and will also post updates as I go on Goodreads!

Are you interested in reading the GoT books too? I would LOVE to have you join me for the challenge! The books are readily available at the library and you can buy the paperbacks for five or six dollars each, so unless you’re
buying the hardcovers (like I am…the maps inside the covers are so cool!).

If you’d like to join the GoT challenge, comment below and let me know! Post a link to your intro post and I’ll be sure to follow along!


2 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Reading Challenge

  1. I watched the first season years ago, but can’t stand the gore and the shock of Ned’s death! This month I re-watched it and I’m hooked. I watched season 1-6 (starting season 6) in 2 weeks 😀 I don’t know if I’d ever read the book though. They’re HUGE and I’m super intimidated by it!


    1. You should try them out! Maybe check out the first book from the library to see if it’s for you? I was super intimidated too, but knowing the characters and general plots from the show made it a lot easier, especially with all the different POVs. I was surprised the the writing style was actually quite easy to follow along with. You should go for it!


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