Let’s Talk: Remembrance by Meg Cabot

Remembrance (The Mediator, #7)

by Meg Cabot

Published February 2, 2016 by William Morrow Paperbacks
388 pages

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In a new adult installment of the Mediator series, Suze Simon is back as a fresh college graduate working at the Catholic high school that she went to. She is engaged to Jesse (!!!) and trying to get hired on full time as the school guidance counselor. Things get complicated when a student comes into her office with a ghost tag-along and Suze has to delve into a decade-old murder story in order to help the student and the ghost, all while dealing with her ex, Paul Slater, trying to cause trouble once again.




When I first found out that this book was coming out, you don’t even understand how excited I was. I remember discovering the original Mediator series in an indie bookstore in Monterey, California (like ten minutes from Carmel, where the series is set!) when I was probably twelve or thirteen. I purchased the first book, became obsessed with it, and seriously made my aunt buy the rest of the series for me that same week because I just could not wait to keep reading. I read and reread the whole series over and over again throughout my middle and high school years.

Slipping back into Suze’s world in Remembrance was like coming home. Truly. I hadn’t even realized just how much I missed the witty characters, Suze and Jesse’s romance, and of course the fabulous setting. Being an adult installment to the series, this book is definitely sexier than the others, which I loved. I really enjoyed seeing how the family dynamics between Suze and her stepbrothers have changed now that they have all grown up as well.

The murder mystery plot line in the book is done very well. At first, I kind of didn’t care about this part, because I seriously just wanted more Jesse time, but I got super sucked in and really loved how the story line played out. Suze definitely got to bring back the ass-kicking, taking no crap part of her personality that is always so funny and entertaining. She calls ghosts ‘non-compliant deceased persons’, which I thought was just hilarious.

I have so many FEELINGS about this book, and at the same time can’t really seem to get them down in words properly. So instead of writing five more paragraphs about how much I loved Remembrance, I’m just going to tell you to go read it. You will not be disappointed.

And of course if you haven’t read the other books in the Mediator series, go do that first.


scale - love

I couldn’t have loved this book more. It was so great to get a peek into Suze’s adult life, and I loved how all the old characters were brought back. This is a book I would absolutely recommend buying, because I for sure plan to re-read it (and I never do that)!

THANK YOU, MEG CABOT. You have always been one of my favorite authors, and books like this are the reason. Thank you so much for bringing this beloved series back to life.

love danielle

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