Let’s Talk: Maybe in Another Life


Maybe in Another Life
Maybe in Another Life
by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Published July 7, 2015 by Washington Square Press
352 pages

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Maybe In Another Life features two alternate realities/possible futures that take place at the same time. Hannah Martin has moved back to her hometown of Los Angeles to stay with her best friend, Gabby, while she attempts to get her life together. She is fresh off a breakup and generally feeling like she is too old to be ‘starting over’ for what feels like the zillionth time. Upon her arrival in town, Gabby takes her out for a little reunion with the people she knows from high school, where she reunites with Ethan, who she dated throughout high school and considers her first love, and they hit it off again. The question is posed: Does Hannah want to go home with Gabby or stay out with Ethan?

This turns out to be a life-altering moment, because we see the rest of the book play out in dual points of view, with each chapter alternating between the consequences of each decision.


Y’all, it’s official: I am obsessed with everything Taylor Jenkins Reid writes. Maybe in Another Life is a fabulous novel that I absolutely devoured while on vacation to Wisconsin last week. Hannah is a super-relateable character who could be any of my real life friends (and I totally wish she was!). She is in her later twenties and has moved around from city to city (including Austin, hey!) trying to find the place that feels like “home”. She feels like a complete f-up because she has been just floating around life, moving from city to city and recklessly dating men who don’t amount to anything in her life.

I really loved the two scenarios that we see play out in Hannah’s life through the two points of view. Each chapter takes us through the COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ways that things turned out for Hannah based on just one seemingly small decision. In each universe, Hannah falls in love with an amazing guy. She takes totally different routes to get there, and each way has some seriously hard obstacles for her to overcome/deal with.

I really enjoyed thinking about the way fate affects all of our lives, and couldn’t help pondering moments in my life that might have been turning point decisions that set a certain course for my life, and I didn’t even know it! I also really enjoyed the idea of two (or maybe more) different men being equally perfect for you, and the rejection of the soulmate theory that this novel presents.


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If you can’t already tell, I absolutely LOVED this book and give it a million stars. I just love Taylor Jenkins Reid’s writing style and how she makes me feel like Hannah could be/should be one of my best friend. (So should Gabby, because those two are serious #friendshipgoals).

love danielle

Have you read anything by Taylor Jenkins Reid? Do you love her as much as I do?

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