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Blog Friends Forever Tour: Why I Love Being a Blogger


Today I am so excited to be a part of the Blog Friends Forever Blog Tour, hosted by the lovely ladies at Fiction Fare and Swoony Boys Podcast! I’ll be chatting about a couple reasons why I think being a blogger is so great.


The book blogging community is definitely my favorite aspect of blogging and the main reason I finally decided to become a blogger myself. I had been a blog reader without actually blogging myself for quite a while — about four years, actually. I started following bloggers on Twitter and loved the close-knit community that they all had, so I decided to jump in and blog too! I love having the opportunity to “meet” so many people from across the world who are just as obsessed with the same things I am! It feels like having so many more friends than I do in real life, and for that I am grateful.

new books

Before I was a blogger (or a blog-reader, really), I never really knew when new books from my favorite authors would be out or had any books that I looked forward to reading (oh, the days before a mile-long TBR….). I can’t even imagine just waltzing into a Barnes & Noble now and just picking something off the shelves without knowing anything more about it than what the book jacket told me! This brings me to my next point…is this

Now that I’m always immersed in the YA world, I’ve heard about upcoming releases for months before I see them on the shelf, and I’ve absolutely read a couple reviews from trusted bloggers before I shell out the $10-20 to buy the book myself. Before my blogging days, shopping for books was such a gamble. I definitely didn’t finish or didn’t enjoy so many more of the books I bought. Now that I’ve done so much book-research before purchasing, I rarely make mistakes when shopping for new books. This is a huge plus, especially with my finances currently being more limited than they ever really have before. I love being able to to easily discern which books are Danielle books before I cough up twenty bucks.


I’ve never had friends or family who were into reading the same way that I am. I get obsessed with books and want to talk about them ALL THE TIME when I finish something I loved, and never had an outlet for that before blogging.

giveawayThe blog tour is hosting a huge giveaway where winners will get either a $25, $50, or $100 gift card to the book retailer of the winner’s choice! Click here to enter via Rafflecopter! 

In addition, I am running a giveaway for a 2015 book release of your choice! This is international as long as Book Depository will ship to you, and will be running through Saturday 10/10/15! Click here to enter!

 Don’t forget to check out the other stops on the blog tour for today! Visit What Sarah Read and Rhea’s Neon Journal for more blog hopping fun!  

3 thoughts on “Blog Friends Forever Tour: Why I Love Being a Blogger

  1. Thank you so much for taking part in the blog hop! It’s so wonderful to see why others enjoy blogging and the community. We’re so glad you could join in!

    Thanks again!

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  2. Twitter is really awesome for getting to know other bloggers and even authors! My friends and family also don’t read so I know what you mean! Sometimes I’m just bursting to talk about a book I just read. I’m glad Twitter is there for us to gush and just fangirl with fellow booklovers 😀

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